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An Invitation to Piyut with Yair Harel | Congregation Sha’ar Zahav 11.7.2014 7:30pm

Yair Harel, world-renowned Israeli performer, artistic director and community organizer, based in Jerusalem and active in the revival of the ancient art of piyut (liturgical Hebrew poetry and song), will lead an evening of exquisite text, learning, music, and communal singing.

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Launching the Piyut Bay Area Pilot

We are excited to launch the Piyut Bay Area Pilot Project, a collaboration between Piyut North AmericaThe Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (University of California, Berkeley), and the Israel Institute.

The project is led by a team that includes Jerusalem-based artist, Yair Harel, and co-directors Rabbi Dorothy Richman and Dr. Francesco Spagnolo. In the course of the Fall of 2014, they are joined by a group of 20 scholars, students, artists, community leader, from the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

The participants will meet weekly to learn together about piyyut, the singing of Hebrew liturgical poetry according to the many musical traditions of the global Jewish diaspora. At the end of the program, they will also present workshops and a public performance.